Many years of experience, comprehensive expertise, international market presence and the desire to continuously develop our products; these aspects make us an efficient and solution-orientated partner.

PFIFFNER Instrument Transformers Ltd is the only instrument transformer manufacturer in Switzerland today. Large companies have stopped producing instrument transformers or relocated abroad. We were the smallest Swiss instrument transformer company in the 1990s, and we began to direct our activities consistently towards international markets. In 2001 we took over our stricken competitor, Moser-Glaser. In 2004 PFIFFNER Transformatör Ltd was set up in Ankara. Other stages of expansion are the foundation of PFIFFNER do Brasil Ltd in 2006 and in 2010 the foundation of PFIFFNER Deutschland Ltd. In 2011 PFIFFNER R&D has been founded as an independent company division.

The PFIFFNER product range includes all current and voltage transformers, from low voltage up to the 550 kV high voltage level, from a few amps up to 50000 amps in the giant power stations. We use the most up-to-date cast resins, oil-paper and SF6-gas as dielectric medium. Besides inductive instrument transformers we also offer capacitive voltage transformers. PFIFFNER has become a full-service provider of instrument transformers.

19271927Company founded by Emil Pfiffner
19531953Acquisition by F. Hunziker Sen.
19871987Fritz Hunziker Junior becomes managing director
20012001Acquisition of Moser-Glaser Ltd, Kaiseraugst
20042004Set-up PFIFFNER Trans. Ltd Turkey
20062006Founding of PFIFFNER do Brasil Ltd, Brazil
20102010Founding PFIFFNER DE Ltd, Germany
20112011Founding PFIFFNER R&D, Hirschthal
20152015Acquisition of ALPHA Elektrotechnik Ltd, Nidau
20192019Founding PFIFFNER India Ltd, India
20192019Dr. J. Bernauer becomes CEO of the PFIFFNER Group
20192019J. Tschira becomes CEO of PFIFFNER Instr. Transformers Ltd., Hirschthal
20192019Acquisition of HAEFELY Test AG, Basel

We aim to be the first point of contact for reliable, high quality and longstanding high voltage equipment.