Diagnosis measurement system PDM


  • True RMS
  • Phase angle
  • FFT
  • Overvoltages( BIL / SIL )
  • Evaluation of dynamic processes such as disconnectoroperation

Evaluation of the state of operating Equipment and ist high-voltage environment

General description

The diagnostics module system is designed to record and assess condition data such as the voltage, temperature and pressure of the equipment to be monitored, as well as the occurrence of abnormal events such as lightening impulses, switching operations and harmonics. Depending on the measurement interval, the input signals are stored for a period of up to ten years. There is a USB interface for parameter setting, real-time signal interpretation and reading out stored data. The measurement system also has

galvanically isolated relay contacts that can be used to give warning of abnormal operating conditions.

Typically, the PFIFFNER diagnostics module system is used to monitor transformer bushings or instrument transformers. In each case, the primary voltage is measured via a capacitive tap on the mother unit. The measurement system can likewise be used on equipment that is already in operation. In this case, the condition data is derived from the volume of available sensor

signals. The diagnostics module system is especially suited to measuring voltage loading over a long period of time, as information about both the low-frequency voltage course and high-frequency events are stored in a longterm memory.

Technical data